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Please help us and read the following before you send us mail:

1) Are you having trouble signing in to download mp3's/videos or lost your password? Please send a message to

2) If you would like to send photos: send a message to

3) We are NOT Incubus. Please DO NOT send us a letter as if you are writing to them.

4) Please do not ask when Incubus is coming to your town or to your country. Whatever we know about tour info and ticket availability is on the site.

5) Please don't ask us for Incubus' email, mailing or street address, tickets, backstage passes, autographs, phone number, or any other personal information.

6) For guitar related questions, check out Mikes Bio Page for his setup or post your question on our Message Board. You might also find your answer on tab sites like (Neither Adam nor Shane are adept at answering guitar related questions...)

7) Also, please check the FAQ section, your answer may be there, and it saves us from having to cycle through all the email we receive. If you still have a question, send it here. You may also want to check out the Message Board, where you can ask or find out just about anything you could think of.

8) One last thing. In the subject of your message, please do not use these words: Hello, Hi, Thanks, Thank You, Test, Details, or Screensaver. Please do not send us any mail with attachments. All of these messages will be deleted by our filters as spam and not be read.


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